Vedic Math-E-Magic is a division of Dynamic Minds Group, a creative learning, mind and memory training organization. It was founded in 2008 by Mrs. Aditi Singhal. She is a dynamic Memory Trainer & Vedic Mathematics expert par excellence. She had been awarded – “The best memory trainer of the year 2009” by the India Book of Records.
We, at Dynamic Minds Group, offer high quality training & workshops in the field of Memory & Concentration power development, Vedic Maths skills and Mind Power. With over 100 seminars and workshops conducted in various parts of the country, students of all age groups, C.A.’s, Managers, Doctors, Teachers & other Professionals have benefited immensely.
An established Mind & Memory Lab is also run under the aegis of Dynamic Minds Group, to provide practical training to students in their quest for maximum use of their hidden potential of mind.  A platform is also provided to the students to create records in various fields and are supported to get their names registered in India Book of Records and Guinness World Records.

Today’s student is faced with exam phobia, stress and strain and is overburdened with studies. In such a scenario students need to include smart work along with stressful hard work and our workshops helps to  rescue the students from the clutches of stress. It combines ancient wisdom with modern science. It teaches how to harness infinite potential of mind.
The sole purpose of our workshops is to teach students:
       “how to ease learning through mental sports”.
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