Vedic Mathematics is the worlds fastest way of making all your maths calculations easy.
It is an ancient system of mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 & 1918 by Shri Bharti Kishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research, all of Mathematics is based on 16 Sutras or Word Formulae.
Benefits of Vedic Maths
  • Eliminates math-phobia.
  • Increases speed and accuracy.
  • More systematic, simplified, unified & faster than the conventional system.
  • Gives the student flexibility, fun and
    immense satisfaction
  • A powerful checking tool.
  • Saves precious time in examinations.
  • Gives the student a competitive edge.
  • Develops Left & Right Sides of the brains
    by increasing visualization and
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