Vedic Maths Magic Workshop:
  • Subtract any number without borrowing.
  • Multiply any digit by special multiplicands in less than 5 seconds.
  • Squaring of numbers.
  • How to multiply two decimal numbers together, like 1.12 x 9.3.
  • Check your answers with simple effective methods.
  • Learn about vertical & crosswise for those larger sums.
  • How to estimate square roots & cube roots, just by mere observation.
  • Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication of fractions in no time.
  • Conversion of all fractions to decimals.
Learn from our large resource of
Maths tips & tricks to improve your maths calculations right now…
not after months ofuncomfortable homework practice….
but from the very first day!
Workshop Video
Vedic Math-E-Magic Workshop
By-Ms.Aditi Singahl
Fast results, Minimum Time spent on learning!!!
 Workshop Duration:
3 Sessions of one and a half hour duration each.
 Workshop Eligibility:
From Standard VI Onwards.
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